Additional Training

Have you been unable to find a course for the software your staff are using? Can we help?

We can develop and provide training course for you. See also Course Development.

Maybe you are rolling out a new software application and require training sessions to introduce and expand the knowledge of the software within your team.

You may require your staff to have a better knowledge of IT generally, such as understanding how to use the cloud for the storage and sharing documentation, using OneDrive or Dropbox for example. Or you might require a handout giving point-by-point instructions on how to use the particular feature. See also Technical Writing.

You might be about to roll out a new telephone system and need a trainer to provide handset training to ensure your staff are fully confident receiving and dealing with calls from day one.

The list is endless but if you can’t find the course you need let us know and even if we can’t help we might know someone who can. Our contact details are here.

"Our Outlook training was tailored to our particular requirements and skills level, and was delivered in a friendly manner. The ‘hands-on’ training approach has given our staff the confidence to use Outlook in a way that will benefit the company as a whole."
Maureen Lamburn
Lamburn & Turner Chartered Accountants