Bespoke IT Training for Your Software or System

If you can’t find the right course for your systems, RabbIT Training will create it for you

Sourcing the right software training package can be frustrating, especially if it’s a brand new or non-standard acquisition, or even if you’ve been using it for a while. On the job learning can only go so far, and if there are no experts in-house or on hand to help, it can harm your organisation’s productivity as well as employee job satisfaction.

RabbIT Training has many years’ experience in creating tailored IT training courses for many types of software, old or new.

  • Maybe you’re rolling out a new software application and need a few training sessions to introduce and expand the knowledge of the software within your team
  • Or perhaps you want your staff to have a better knowledge of IT generally, such as understanding how to use the Cloud for storing and sharing documentation, or using OneDrive or Dropbox
  • Or you may even just need some up to date documentation giving point-by-point instructions on how to use a particular feature of your current software

At RabbIT Training, we specialise in developing bespoke training courses for many types of software. In fact we love it when we are introduced to something we haven’t seen yet – it means we’re given the opportunity to expand our own knowledge too! We will investigate every aspect of your software package and create just the right user-level training for your staff, so they can acquire the skills they need to become truly productive with the new system. Give us a try!

We will develop a course, write the training materials and hand-outs, and deliver it to your staff on site and at a time that suits you.

So if you can’t find the course you need let us know and even if we can’t help we might know someone who can.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help you.

RabbIT Training – a clear and simple approach to training tailored for you.

"Our Outlook training was tailored to our particular requirements and skills level, and was delivered in a friendly manner. The ‘hands-on’ training approach has given our staff the confidence to use Outlook in a way that will benefit the company as a whole."
Maureen Lamburn
Lamburn & Turner Chartered Accountants