Tailored Training Courses Created for Your Software Products

Boost your sales and customer satisfaction with a bespoke training course

For a new software rollout to be successful, the end users need to be trained in how to use it. That should be a given, but for many employers post-install staff training is often an afterthought. A rollout’s success needs to be measured in how well end users embrace and adapt to the new interfaces and operational set-up. So training should be done in parallel with deployment.

Ignore this aspect, or rely solely on developer manuals or the Help menu, and – at best – the features of the new software will never be optimised. At worst, your customers become frustrated, bombard you with support queries and even blame your product when things go wrong.

You can improve your credibility and cement great customer relationships by providing a bespoke, classroom-based training programme as part of your deployment contract.

RabbIT Training has been creating and delivering new software training courses since 2001. We specialise in generating tailored, timely, carefully planned and task-oriented learning content. So while you are working full time on planning the customer deployment, we can be providing the training that complements your product and gets the end users prepped and ready to start working with it from Day One.

We’ll work alongside you to make sure the learning material is right for the target audience. We’ll develop content that emphasises every aspect of your product while making the end users feel that their personal development and job satisfaction – and satisfaction with your product – is optimised. We can also help with authoring your accompanying user manuals, just let us know.

There is no substitute for providing the time for focused learning rather than trying to learn on the job and risk ending up doing things in a less than ideal way. Similarly there is no substitute for an experienced trainer who knows how to teach, can communicate effectively with your customers and explain your software in way they can understand and enjoy.

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RabbIT Training – a clear and simple approach to training tailored for you.

"We are a local healthcare provider and Susan has delivered a variety of IT courses for our staff. The training is always very well evaluated. This is great for us as it gives our staff more IT skills and it’s excellent for individual staff progress/development."
Louise Howey, Training and Development Officer
Peace Hospice Care