Microsoft 365 on Tap

What is this?

Small businesses, consultants, sole traders and so on typically do not have in-house IT support.  It is often not their skill set and small niggly problems just slow them down and frustrate. This service is a cost-effective solution to help them get the best out of their IT and present themselves professionally to clients.

Is this you? If yes, do you have access to someone you can trust to sort out those small niggly problems with your Windows PC or Microsoft software?

If the answer is no, then Rabbit Training’s Microsoft 365 on Tap service might be the answer.

What am I offering you?

I will be there to help you out.  When a problem arises, you can send me an email with your issue and I guarantee to answer within 4 hours.  We can then plan how to sort out the problem.  This might be a quick phone call, a video conferencing session with screen sharing or an email with instructions on how to fix the problem and so on.

You can purchase an annual, half yearly, quarterly or monthly subscription to an IT support service solving problems occurring on a Windows PC and with Microsoft 365 software, particularly Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

How I can be part of your team

I want to build a relationship with you so I understand your business and your needs to help you get the most out of your Microsoft software – that way, you know you have someone you can trust on your side.

What do you get?

Your subscription gives you one hour of support per month.

  • This can be split in 4 x 15 minutes slots or 2 x 30 minutes consultations or 1 hour to teach you something more in-depth. We can work it out together.
  • You do not have to decide what you want to use your slots for, this service is one which responds to the business need, when it happens.
  • This is not a 24/7 service but should cover you for most scenarios.
  • You can purchase as subscription on a monthly basis or purchase 3 or 6 or 12 month packages.
  • If you run a small business with a couple of staff members, this package is completely flexible – purchase 1 hour a month for you and your staff, purchase 2 or more months for all your staff or 1 hour for each member of staff to use.

What sort of problems could I solve for you?

• You want to clear the thousands of emails from your Inbox and highlight emails that need actioning.
• You want to file your Contacts in the order you want.

• Are your headers and footers on the wrong pages? Does the graphic keep moving around the page?
• The cells in a table do not line up.

• Your formulae are not giving the right results or you keep getting a message that you have a circular error.
• The spreadsheet is not fitting on an A4 piece of paper or PDF.

• Your logo is in a different place on each slide and the headers and footers do not appear.
• The objects within a diagram are not lining up.

• You want to share a file or folder with a customer or have access to a file on your tablet.
• You want to stop OneDrive running every time you use your PC.

• You want to back up your files and find that lost file.
• You want to determine when an upgrade will happen.

• And many, many more…..

Even if you have been using this software for years and have received training in the past, do niggly issue still arise?  I am sure they do; it happens to us all.

Ask for help on all the Microsoft 365 suite.  If I don’t know the solution I will research the issue or connect you with someone I trust who will know the answer.

I will be proactive, if I think your business might benefit from using other software that forms a part of your Microsoft 365 subscription, I will make suggestions, eg online booking or inquiry forms.

I have run my own small business for nearly 20 years and have experience working with other small businesses, so I understand what it takes. I not only can resolve your problems but I can ensure emails, presentations, documents, online forms work smoothly and look professional.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help you.

RabbIT Training – a clear and simple approach to training tailored for you.


Susan explains how she can help you with your Microsoft dilemas.

"Susan has been my saving grace more times than I can remember. She’s an absolute master of professional formatting and presentation and being able to use her services has saved me hours of time and frustration."

Richard F Messik
RFM Associates Chartered Accountants