Training in Using Microsoft Applications from Beginners to Advanced

On site or online, by the hour or by the day

With over a billion users worldwide, Microsoft Office is one of the most versatile PC office packages around. The user friendliness, adaptability and power of the applications are just some of the reasons why it’s widely utilised in business, schools and at home. But even the most experienced users sometimes struggle getting to grips with all the various Microsoft applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

It’s likely you or your employees are only using a fraction of the functions of Microsoft Office. That’s not surprising: many people have never had any formal training, relying on on-the-job learning and help from colleagues to improve their skills. It’s not an ideal scenario because when you hit a snag, productivity can take a nose-dive and it suddenly takes forever to create a spreadsheet, compile a PowerPoint presentation or even send an email.

Being trained in all things Microsoft related by an experienced IT trainer like RabbIT Training is the answer. Whether it’s for a new hire, a quick recap of the basics, or training in advanced features, at RabbIT Training we will bring our expertise to you. And a fully skilled-up team means a happy and valued team.

We can deliver on-site classroom-based courses adapted to the skills and experience of the individual users. Or if you just need an hour for us to show you how to iron out those irritating little problems, we can still help – see our Online Training page.

We provide tailored training packages in:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Office 365
  • Office 2019 (and all previous versions)
  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Our courses can be adapted to cover the Microsoft topics most important to your company and fit in with your schedule. We can train in a classroom setting, in a small group, or sit with you at your desk side-by-side. We can deliver our training as a 1-day course, or 2 half-day courses, or as one- to two-hourly workshop sessions – whatever works for you.

We really are that flexible – and super conscious of making the most of your time and availability. It’s in our interests as well as yours to get your people firing on all possible Microsoft cylinders! We provide handouts and exercises linked to all our courses so your staff will have a permanent reference to their training.

We can also offer new software orientation presentations and floor walking for when the latest upgrade goes live!

Providing your staff with professional on-site IT training will reap dividends many times over in increased job satisfaction and company productivity. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you.

RabbIT Training – a clear and simple approach to training tailored for you.

"Like many companies, we made the mistake in the past of assuming staff will just instinctively know how to use Word or Excel – by providing training we get far better return on the ever increasing investment in IT systems needed in the 21st century."
Bryan Raven, Managing Director
White Light Ltd