Microsoft Training

Do you feel you and your team could be more proficient when using your Windows PCs? Does it take ages to create a spreadsheet displaying financial data, keep on top of email, create a presentation for that meeting tomorrow or create a report?

Being shown how to use Microsoft applications by a trainer who is using and training these applications daily will enable you to learn or recap the quick and efficient ways to work with Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. We’ll help you solve those irritating little problems that can arise and show you just how much more you can achieve with your applications and a bit of extra know-how. We offer courses on:

  • Microsoft Windows (up to Windows 10)
  • Microsoft Office (up to Office 2016 & Office 365)
    • Outlook
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint

The courses can be tailored to cover the subjects most important to your company and fit in comfortably with the time available. These could be a day of two 1/2 day courses, 2 hourly sessions, 1 hourly workshop sessions or drop-in sessions, for example. Handouts and exercises linked to all courses are always included.

We can also offer new software orientation presentations and floor walking for when that upgrade goes live!

Please contact us and we can send you example course profiles.

"Like many companies, we made the mistake in the past of assuming staff will just instinctively know how to use Word or Excel – by providing training we get far better return on the ever increasing investment in IT systems needed in the 21st century."
Bryan Raven, Managing Director
White Light Ltd