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Do you sometimes feel that the closer a deadline becomes, the more your technology lets you down? That it seems to know when you’re in a hurry or under pressure, so it deliberately sabotages you? We know that feeling too!

The more professional your documentation looks, the better for your integrity and credibility. So if you’re struggling to format that Word proposal, adapt that template, amend that chart or simply can’t make Microsoft do what you want it to do, then we can step in and take over.

Don’t fight with your PC for hours – instead hand it over to us

Let Susan explain how she can help you

We provide a personal consultancy service where you just send us your troublesome documents and tell us what you want to achieve. We’ll sort it out for you and send it straight back. So instead of you wasting precious hours grappling with something that seems impossible, you can be getting on with your day while we’re working our magic.

You’ll get a superbly finished professional looking document, spreadsheet or presentation, We’ve been training Microsoft applications since 2001 and we’ve probably seen every issue there is, so we’ll be able to sort it all out for you in no time. Not only will you get a superbly finished professional looking document, spreadsheet or presentation, you’ll have saved precious time, money and frustration. Invaluable when you don’t have the skills you or your staff need.

“Susan has been my saving grace more times than I can remember.
She’s an absolute master of professional formatting and presentation and being able to use her services has saved me hours of time and frustration.”

Richard F Messik, RFM Associates Chartered, Accountants

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