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Microsoft Office is a great productivity tool and is incredibly versatile with its range of applications and uses. It’s no wonder it’s used by over a billion people worldwide. It’s also been around for several decades and most of us can’t remember a time when it wasn’t our go-to office software!

The latest version – Office 365 – has proven to be another game-changer with its all-encompassing integration with the Cloud via subscription. Not to mention enhanced applications that can be used to manage large databases, perform advanced spreadsheet calculations, and create powerful and exciting presentations, complete with music and video.

But no matter how recently you were trained in using Microsoft Office, skills do fade over time. Maybe you’ve encountered a new feature you need help with. Or perhaps you’re stumped by something you haven’t needed to use for a long time. Or perhaps you just need a refresher in everything that Microsoft Office can do.

RabbIT Training have been training people in Microsoft Office since 2001. Our most popular services include office or classroom-based courses, but we also offer real-time online help by the hour via Teams, Skype or Zoom.

This is ideal for you if you work on your own and can’t make time to attend a formal training course. It’s also ideal if you’ve been using Microsoft Office for a while but haven’t been able to explore all the latest features. Or perhaps you’re struggling with a particular aspect of a Microsoft Office application and just need someone to help you understand it. The beauty of on-line training via Teams, Skype or Zoom is that:

  • You don’t need to leave the office
  • We can share screens so that we can see what issues you’re having and demonstrate how things work
  • It minimises disruption to your working day
  • It makes you more productive: an hour with us can save several hours grappling with a problem!

You can book a Teams, Skype or Zoom call in hourly slots, and follow-up calls are always an option if you need to revisit anything or need a refresher.

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“Microsoft Word training with Susan from Rabbit Training helped me better understand how to use key features, so I can work more efficiently. She slowly and clearly talked me through practical demonstrations of how to carry out tasks I had been struggling with, and suddenly it all seemed so simple! I can now work far more quickly, with all my formatting set up correctly and ready to go. I thoroughly enjoyed my training session with Susan, and would highly recommend it to anyone who regularly uses Microsoft Office. Even if you know the basics, she’s got plenty of tips to teach you, and investing a little time and money in some quality training, really does make life easier in the long run. After just one session I can already see an improvement in the quality of my work. Thanks Susan!”
Alexandra Zetter
Managing Director, Mummy SOS Ltd