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Here we are in December and welcome to this month’s newsletter! My Tip of the Month and What’s New features this month are probably interchangeable as both are fairly new functionality provided by Microsoft but both are really useful features for this time of year. You might want to quickly poll your friends and colleagues for their opinion within an email, for this you can create a Poll via Outlook, or you might want to obtain, for example, feedback from customers to help your business planning for 2021, for this you can use a Microsoft Form. The Outlook Poll feature uses Microsoft Forms too but is a short cut to create a brief survey. You can create more complex surveys with Microsoft Forms itself.

Tip of the month

If you are looking to send out a survey to a customer or colleague, such as a qualifying questionnaire or an event registration or an after sales feedback form, Microsoft provides this facility with your Microsoft 365 subscription using Microsoft Forms. With this software you can create:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Long or short text fields
  • Ratings options
  • Add branching
  • Create a quiz
  • Send the survey as a link in an email or social media post, embed the survey in your website or use a QR code.
  • The responses are in one place and you can print the forms.

You can access Forms via your Office app or, those with a business subscription, via your Admin Centre, via Teams or directly via forms.office.com

Screenshot of a Microsoft Form being created with the link that can be sent to recipients to complete the form.

If you would like help in getting started with this application or have queries while you are using it feel free to contact me and I’d love to help.

Contact me

Latest news from me

My new website is now live – www.rabbittraining.com. Many thanks to Carol Mann of We Get Digital for the freshen up. The Knowledge Hub can now be found under the Microsoft Support menu and lots of information about my online and classroom based courses with course profiles are available. If you know anyone who would find my newsletter tips useful please point them to the bottom of any page on the website where they can fill in the registration form. If there is anything you can’t find let me know and I’ll make sure it gets up there.

In mid-November I had a lovely couple of hours providing an Excel for Business Owners course for STANTA when I helped 5 delegates to refresh their Excel skills, resulting in this feedback:

“Just a quick note of thanks for your time this morning. The executive recruitment business I’m setting up doesn’t necessarily require me to have leading edge IT capabilities personally, as I need to be an expert head-hunter, rather than an IT guru. Nonetheless, some IT-related tasks can still present challenges. So, I found that the way you pitched today’s training session, and were happy to answer some more basic questions, was extremely helpful. I was also pleased to hear you’re able to offer bite-sized 1:1 online training in the future, as I’m sure this will be something I would benefit from. Thanks again, and I look forward to speaking with you in the future. Kind regards, Howard Foster.”

If you know anyone who, like Howard, doesn’t need to be an IT guru but needs the basics to run their business let them know I can help.

What’s new in Microsoft 365

Outlook gives you the ability to create a quick survey within an email message and then analyse the responses simply in one place. This certainly makes it easier than trawling through a load of emails trying to find the answer to a question you posed.

Within Outlook after creating a new email message, from the Insert menu select Poll. The Poll pane will appear within Outlook where you can enter the question and answers and then insert it into the email.

This feature uses Microsoft Forms and the links will take you and your recipients into your Forms account to answer the question and view the results.

Screenshot of an Outlook message using a Poll to ask recipients to vote for their choice making it easier to track responses.

If you don’t yet have this facility you can still use the Voting Buttons within the Options tab.

I hope you have a productive December and I hope you will see your families over the bank holiday period. I think we are all looking forward to the new year more than most years!

Happy new year and all the best

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