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Welcome to my November newsletter. Having spent the last month sending emails to a large group of people organising a volunteers rota for a local Fringe festival, I used Word’s Mail Merge feature a lot and thought this would be an excellent topic to cover in this month’s newsletter. If, after reading my Tip of the Month, you are not quite sure what I am talking about then have a look at the Course of the Month, it would be great to spend an hour with you going through this in much more detail.

Tip of the month

Microsoft Word and Outlook working together

If you have a large number of people to send an email to and you don’t have permission to advertise the email addresses to the whole group and you are worried that if you use the BCC field a large percentage of your emails will end up in the recipients’ junk/spam folders, then have you thought about using Word’s Mail Merge feature to send the messages? Using this feature each recipient receives the email addressed individually and you can make the message more personal.

  • You start the process in a Word document and turn it into an email message via the Start Mail Merge icon and by choosing E-mail Messages.
  • You can link your data file, containing each recipient’s email address and other information you want to appear in the message, such as the first name, via the Select Recipients icon.
  • Once your message is ready you can select Send Email Messages… from the Finish & Merge icon.
Screenshot of a Word document being merged with email addresses and sent to Outlook using the Merge to E-mail feature.

Before you start I would highly recommend that you turn on Work Offline within Outlook until you are completely happy to send your multitude of emails! This is within the Send/Receive tab.

If Mail Merge is new to you or you’d like a refresher you may wish to consider booking on my Mail Merge course (see below) or if you would like to have me at the end of the phone or email on a regular basis you may wish to sign up for my Microsoft 365 on Tap service – more details are available via the button below.

Microsoft 365 on Tap

What is your IT disaster recovery plan?

In case you missed it, here is the link to my blog on things to think about when putting together your IT disaster recovery plan so that you are prepared, in particular, if your PC should decide one day to give up the ghost.

What is your IT disaster recover plan?

St Albans Enterprise Agency

St Albans Enterprise Agency Excel for Business Owners course November 2020 graphic

I am very excited to be providing an Excel for Business Owners course for the St Albans Enterprise Agency on 11 November. If you fancy learning some useful tips to help you run your finances via Microsoft Excel, further details are available at https://stanta.co.uk/events/excel-for-business-owners

Course of the Month

This month’s course follows on from my Tip of the Month above. If you are not absolutely certain how to run a Mail Merge for sending emails then this course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need. This would work well as a 1:1 course or 1:2, with hands-on exercises, or I could provide this as a presentation to multiple delegates.

Word and Outlook for Microsoft 365

Using Mail Merge to send an email message to multiple recipients

1 hour | Online via Teams, Zoom, Skype – your choice

  • How mail merge works and what you can achieve
  • Creating an email message for mail merge
  • Creating the data file containing the email addresses and the unique data for each recipient
  • Using data from an Excel spreadsheet or csv file
  • Using data from Outlook Contacts
  • Filter and sort the recipients list
  • Run the mail merge to your Outbox

Just £60 + VAT for a 1:1 course.

If you would like to go further and learn how to use Mail Merge to send letters, create labels and use the fields and rules then you could add another hour on to your course.

If you have any other Word courses you would like to attend or provide for your staff, please let me know and we can design it together.

I hope I have given you a flavour of the benefits of using Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge feature. Feel free to contact me any time if you would like further information or have a query on any functionality of Word.

All the best


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