Rabbiting with Susan from RabbIT Training

If you are one of those people who think being an IT person means you can do everything from spreadsheet formatting, to social media, to taking a computer apart and rebuilding it into a super computer then thank you for believing that we are so talented, sadly that is not the case!

The IT world has many specific areas of skills that have been learnt, and that can be offered to those who haven’t learnt them. I find social media a scary world, how you use it to promote your business is a source of bafflement to me, that’s something that has been a massive learning curve. As for website designing… there’s not just the code to make it work, but you also have to make it appealing and user friendly. I have definitely used, and would continue to use an expert to get help with that side of IT. What I am trying to let you know is that whether you are 20, 40, 60, or 80, there are elements of IT that we all struggle with and asking for help is always the best route.

Like most people my life has changed quite a bit recently, I used to work mainly with small to medium businesses local to me and did some online work with sole traders. Now, because of lockdown I have moved online and have expanded to train the entrepreneurs of the world!

This has been a surprisingly busy time for me, as many business owners are suddenly trying to engage the online market with presentations and services, which is showing up the gaps in their Microsoft knowledge. They need training to help them resolve their issues and support their businesses. Without understanding the foundations of Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint frustration reigns, but I can guarantee your computer really doesn’t hate you! Some basic training to demystify Microsoft Office could resolve all those hours of wasted time and money, not to mention your sanity. Did you know that with the right knowledge, PowerPoint can be used to make a professional looking self-running online presentation or video? We have all experienced overwhelming PowerPoint presentations, learn how to make them work for your business, not against it.

Here’s another revelation – I don’t believe in technophobes! By going back to basics and being trained on each step, you can and will understand how the system works, allowing you to build on your knowledge and your confidence.

Another area I specialise in is helping A Level students, many of whom are about to head off to university, what a lot of people don’t realise is that schools can’t teach young people everything in their IT lessons. Using Microsoft Office to write dissertations and do the standard of degree work required takes a totally different skill set to the Instagram and Snapchat that they are so fluent in.

Recruiters always ask for Excel, with recruitment agencies putting candidates through tests to check how proficient they are in the software before putting them forward for roles. Use this time to boost your skill set before the world reopens.

And I promise neither me or the training are intimidating, I might know Microsoft Office but I’m hopeless at making coffee!

Watford Football Club crest

Just before I sign off I’m going to let you into a secret that not many people would guess about me, I am a life-long Watford football fan, who until two years ago had a season ticket, and hadn’t missed a home game in twenty years. My wardrobe contains a range of Hornets shirts, and I can often be seen sporting my red, yellow and black scarf. Sadly I can’t sing you any of our songs from the terrace, they aren’t very polite! but if you ask me nicely I might give a rousing shout of “come on you ‘orns”. In this time, one of the things I am missing most is watching a football game, and my greatest dream is that one day there will be a seat named after me in our stadium.

Author – Eden Gruger