Bespoke Technical Writing to Support Your Software

Improve your chances of a successful software deployment with expertly written user manuals

You know your software better than anyone, but can you write a User Manual without using jargon?

If not then you’re not alone. Most software developers are – rightly – so technically minded that it’s a challenge to write anything that educates and informs end users without resorting to techno-speak. After all, your job is to develop software, systems and applications that solve a problem or optimise productivity, so your approach will naturally focus on the inner workings of your product.

To be blunt, end users don’t care about how or why something works, they only care about what it can do for them. Reliance on written support material created by the developer often results in a breakdown in communication, a lot of frustration and wasted working hours. Not to mention an increase in calls to your support team and negative perceptions of your product.

That’s where RabbIT Training can help. We have many years’ experience of writing user manuals that are technically correct but designed to enhance the user experience. Our technical authorship ensures that the instructions for using your product are instantly understood and the information absorbed. Readers are accurately informed about your product while at the same time educated on its usefulness and use in real time, in a language that doesn’t leave them scratching their heads in bafflement.

First and foremost RabbIT Training are skilled communicators. We’ve been providing tailored IT training courses since 2001 and often act as the middlemen between the technical experts (you) and the target audience (your customers). Our job is to make sure the content of your user manual explains all the most important concepts of your software using terms that the audience can easily understand. We can also help with providing tailored training courses for your deployments, just let us know.

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"Susan brings to us an understanding of our products which is far greater in-depth than most people who would be writing manuals because she also provides the training for us."

Robin Hayman
Director of Marketing & Product Management
SpliceCom Ltd